Episode 1 – Robbery Victim!

Darcy Vasudev of HennaLounge.com Happy and sun-kissed in Greece.

Darcy Vasudev of HennaLounge.com
Happy and sun-kissed in Greece.

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The premier episode of Caught Red-Handed is in the can, and by that I mean saved to my hard drive.  My guest for this episode was Darcy Vasudev of HennaLounge.com, whose work is probably the most stolen work on the internet.  I wanted my first interview to be with Darcy because she is a friend and we have chatted a LOT over the years, about everything under the sun, including henna. I was nervous for my first interview and thought talking with someone I know–as well as someone who is an awesome henna artist–would make it easier for me.  I probably still sound like a total noob in this episode but at least I was a chill noob, hanging with my friend, talking henna.

Funny thing is, I thought this conversation would be like most of our conversations, and I figured I kinda knew how Darcy would answer my questions, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn a lot from interviewing her.  I realize now that a conversation is very different from an interview, especially an interview that will be shared with others.

Typically gorgeous henna design work by Darcy Vasudev.  Lucky bride!

Typically gorgeous henna design work by Darcy Vasudev. Lucky bride!

For those of you who know Darcy, either online or personally, you’ll know that she is based in San Francisco, covering the Bay area in her gorgeous henna designs, as well as travelling far and wide to henna, teach and hang out.

Beautiful belly symmetry by Darcy Vasudev.

Beautiful belly symmetry by Darcy Vasudev.

Not only can she draw a perfect circle with her henna cone but she also likes circles in the form of bicycle wheels and hula hoops.  At the time of our interview she was packing for a trip to Cancun to do bridal henna; after that trip she was getting right back on a plane for Europe though for a personal trip, not henna related. By the time this episode airs she will be heading back down Mexico way.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing.  Feel free to leave comments, and please let me know if there is someone you’d like me to interview, or any questions you wish I’d asked.  I really appreciate your feedback and ideas…after all, this podcast is for you!


5 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Robbery Victim!

  1. Reblogged this on Henna Lounge and commented:
    My friend Lisa of Kenzi.com has an awesome new podcast, all about henna. I was so excited to be her first guest on the show. Check out the free podcast on iTunes and get a glimpse into the life of a henna artist!

  2. This is SO cool! Hearing your voices for the first time after knowing you guys just online through Facebook/Henna Tribe is like watching your favourite characters from a book come alive in a movie!

  3. I’ve been a great fan of Darcy’s henna artwork for a long time. The intricate lines, the finesse of details, the layout of her designs… So beautiful! Thank you Lisa for creating this opportunity to hear and learn from such a wonderful artist. I’m looking forward to hearing the next podcast!

  4. Darcy’s work really is amazing! I’m getting some from her tomorrow! I would love it if you would interview the guy from Nomad Heart Henna. I think it would be interesting to look at henna from a male perspective since it is more commonly used by and on women.

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