Episode 3 – Noam Sienna interview part 2

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If you listened to the last episode you know that my conversation with Noam went into overtime with the score tied. We had so much to talk about that I split the episode into two parts. This is the second part.  We finished part 1 talking about some of the common myths of henna and henna history, and the conversation picked up in that same stream.  We also talked a lot about Noam’s work as a henna artist, especially how he uses henna as part of his role of Ritual Facilitator.  I knew nothing about this aspect of Noam’s life so it was fascinating to just sit back and listen.

P1040689Since starting this podcast I have heard from many people that they don’t listen to podcasts or don’t know how. I am such an avid consumer of podcasts that I didn’t realize that not everyone was as obsessed by them as I.  Podcasts fill an entertainment niche for me.  They are great for times when I want entertainment but I can’t watch a screen, maybe because I am biking, or lying on the beach, or drawing henna designs or am crammed into a subway car on my way to work.  It sounds like I hardly spend any time not consuming entertainment–in some form–but trust me, there are many hours of the day when I am alone with my thoughts.

For those of you who want to delve into podcasts I have links on the sidebar here to some of my favorite podcasts.  If you are not sure how to find podcasts and subscribe to them, I have listed  some websites to help get you started on the wonderful world of podcasts.

How to Listen to Podcasts – About.com

8 Great Apps for Listening to Podcasts for Android and iOS

Happy listening!

p.s. Thanks for your patience waiting for this episode.  As I mentioned on the podcast’s Facebook page, I have been using the wrong bit rate to save the podcast file and thus the file size was too big to have more than one file uploaded to my host.  Also I have a basic hosting package which doesn’t allow me to add more files until the first day of the month.  Long story short, I made a rookie mistake but learned from it.  The next episode is a smaller file which is good for all of us, and I should be able to post new episodes more often.  Phew!!

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