Kenzi needs a new mic!

I need to be with Kenzi!

Hello faithful listeners, as you know this podcast is a labor of love for me, and I am glad to do it.  As the podcast grows in popularity so do my dreams of what it could become.  I have visions of interviewing several people at once in my Brooklyn studio, Q&A sessions with henna experts, or panel discussions with various henna luminaries, recorded live at henna conferences and beyond.  To achieve these modest dreams I’ll need some new equipment, namely a second mic/stand and cord, as well as hosting for the podcast.  The following items are what I will need:


Stand and Cord

1 year of hosting with Podbean at $8/month

This all comes to roughly $250.  I know some of you have offered to help support the podcast so here is your chance to donate a lot or a little to cover these costs. Give as little as $1, for those of you who want to show your love but don’t have a lot of cash, but give more if you’re feeling generous.  Either way I know you love and support the podcast, and want to be part of the big plans for it.

Click the Donate button below to contribute. Thanks so much!!

Donate Button with Credit Cards


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