Episode 10 – Nev Levin of Remarkable Blackbird

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Finally I’m in double digits here with episode 10.  My interview with Nev was not just fun but really interesting and inspiring.  Talking to someone who makes their living from their art is really incredible; it reminds me that it is possible to live a life supported by art.  I’m glad to be working a day job and doing henna on the side but it makes me happy to know that others who want to can do art full time.  Nev has a deep understanding of her process which made her really easy to interview, especially talking about creating and working.  The creative process is one of my favorite topics for this podcast and I love hearing each guest’s particular approach to the process.  As I mention in the intro to this episode, it’s great if you listeners are enjoying these conversations but even if no one listened I would probably still do this podcast, if only for these conversations about creativity which really light a fire in me.

If you don’t already know Nev or her work check out her website, especially her gallery which features her immediately recognizable botanical style as well her unique fusion pieces.  Be sure you have an absorbent towel handy to wipe up your drool.

A little more about Nev from said website:

Nev’s core belief about the world is that we are all connected through pattern both visual and contextual and she is passionate about exploring that connection in her art.

Making art has been a lifelong enterprise for Portland, Maine based artist Genevieve Levin. A professional henna artist certified with the ICNHA (International Certification in Natural Henna Arts) since 2004, Nev is also a multi-media artist creating imaginative, vibrant artwork with acrylic, paper, fabric, found objects, and all things that shine. After earning her BFA (’97) from The Maine College of Art, Nev spent nine years working as a studio potter and art educator, assisting people with special needs and the elderly to enhance their lives through creative expression. In 2006 Nev made the decision to pursue her dream of running her own business and has since been a full-time henna artist. Her success with two businesses, ReMarkable Blackbird and Blackbird Studios has been well worth the initial risk.

Henna has put Nev in a wide variety of environments; She is as comfortable presenting to large groups in libraries, henna conferences and schools as she is working in more intimate settings with mama’s-to-be for belly henna, brides on that big day or people undergoing treatment for cancer.

Nev teaches beginning to advanced level workshops all over the country. To book a workshop, wedding, party, individual or small group appointment email Remarkable Blackbird
or call 207-232-9014

Credits include co-collaborating on the multi award-winning short film “Unchastened”, features in the New York Times,  Style Me Pretty wedding blog and books and magazines from New England all the way around the globe to China.

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