The Caught Red Handed Wall of Heroes

Thanks!!This Thanksgiving I am thankful for a lot of things but with regard to this podcast I have some special thanks to give out.  Thanks to those who helped me on the back end, especially Shlomi Cohen who did the theme music and helped with SO many technical issues.  You’ve all suffered through my technological growing pains–listeners and podcast guests alike–but they would have been much worse without Shlomi’s help.  All of you out there who took the time to write to me with suggestions, ideas, complaints and thanks really helped so much to move the podcast forward and down what I hope are more interesting paths.
I think we can all agree that a huge thank-you is due to all the amazing people I interviewed.  I am certain that this podcast would be nothing without each guest’s unique contributions.  I personally have learned so much and found so much inspiration from our conversations.  If you benefit half as much as I do then I consider this podcast a success.  Thanks and hugs to Darcy, Noam, Nic, Debi, Hiral, Rebecca, Nev and Neeta, as well as all the other amazing guests I have lined up for future podcasts. You are all my muses and make my job so easy and fun!
Recently I put out a call for donations to help support the podcast and I was overwhelmed with your support.  I do this podcast as a labor of love and it’s such a niche market that I don’t (yet) have major sponsors knocking each other over to get to sponsor the podcast so your help is so much appreciated.  I was able to purchase a new mic which will allow me to do more multi-person interviews while keeping the quality of the podcast up to my standards.  Because of your generosity I was also able to pay for a year of hosting which is key to getting these podcasts out there for you all to listen to.
The following heroes deserve special thanks for their financial contribution to the podcast. I am so honored to have you all behind me while I work to get these interviews out there and grow our awesome henna community.
Tracey Fisher
Rebecca Freedner
Neeta Sharma
Heather Caunt-Nulton
Michelle Forrester
Sarah Walters
Darcy Vasudev
Larissa Reinders
Elizabeth Prince
Antoinette Hippe
Jennifer Winkler
Sarah Pond
Danny Roberts

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