Episode 13 – Bridal Panel: Sumeyya Rehman

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I have always loved Sumeyya’s work and have stalked her and her photos for years, but after “meeting” her on Skype for the podcast I learned that we are both Michiganders and fellow fast-talkers.  As always, this episode was all about what I could get out of it for my own personal use, as a bridal henna artist.  I gleaned some great marketing tips from Sumeyya as well as new ways to think about the layout of bridal designs.  I have a page of notes of things I want to work on and I owe it all to Sumeyya!  Even though this podcast is increasingly for my own benefit I hope that you, my faithful listeners, will find something of interest in it for you, like crumbs that fall off the table where the feast is happening.

Talking to Sumeyya was a blast; she’s very smart and quick, but also opinionated, funny and grounded.  Being around someone who is so dedicated to the business side of things while having a high level of passion for the art of henna is really infectious, and a great reminder about what we are all here for, in this little henna world of ours.

You can see more from Sumeyya at her website: http://www.hennacraze.com/  Prepare to drool!

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