Episode 15 – Bridal Panel: Sarah Walters

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Sarah, of sarahenna.com, is not only a fellow henna artist but is also an IT person by day, like myself.  Talking with her for the podcast felt very familiar because of our similarly split personalities.  I’ve long admired Sarah’s work, especially her bridal work, because it embodies so much of what I am always striving to achieve, especially clean lines and original designs.  Wandering around her Flickr galleries is such a pleasure and also an inspiration.

I learned a lot from my conversation with Sarah and our conversation continued on Facebook where she has been really helpful–along with a lot of other pros–at helping me with my cone challenges.  It was interesting to hear the practical matters of bridal henna and compare and contrast it with the information gleaned from other bridal artists.  I think a lot of us henna artists strive to find the one perfect way to do henna, but these conversations have shown me that not only are there a lot of different approaches to the art form, but also that individual artists often change their methods from bride to bride, or evolve over time.  I think that I can give myself a break for finding myself in beginner’s mode at times, now that I know that great artists who I admire are also still learning.  I hope you enjoy the podcast and discover that you are also growing!

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