Episode 16 – Bridal Panel: Darcy Vasudev

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Perhaps you remember Darcy from the inaugural episode of this podcast, or maybe you have seen her work online…either way, she is hard to forget.  A bridal panel just wouldn’t be complete without talking to Darcy.  In my years of friendship with her, Darcy has shared with me so much of her bridal henna knowledge.  Her advice—based on personal experience—was very important to the growth of my own bridal henna business.  I hope that you listeners will benefit from her advice as much as I did.

Upon listening back to the three (so far!) bridal panel episodes I am amazed at how many ways there are to run a henna business, not to mention all the different ways to do henna, from making paste to wrapping up a bride.  I was able to glean such a variety by choosing artists with different backgrounds, located in different areas of the US (working on some interviews with overseas artists so stay tuned), unique approaches to their art and even different art.  As you listen to this series of episodes I think you will see some common themes like the need to change up your marketing regularly, and keep trying different things until you find that sweet spot, and the need for a high level of professionalism both in your business activities as well as your art.  What were the biggest takeaways from these interviews that influenced your career in henna?

Darcy can be found at hennaguru.com as well as hennalounge.com; she has a huge presence on all the social media that you have heard of, and even some you haven’t!

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One thought on “Episode 16 – Bridal Panel: Darcy Vasudev

  1. oh wow 12 hourds for a bride… I was nervous vor my first bride, I was glad she only asked me hands (up to elbows) but not feet and I’m lucky my first brides did not ask too much henna, it’s a good way to start doing brides

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