Episode 17 – Donia Christine, Business Consultant

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Disclaimer: It’s hasn’t yet happened that this podcast requires a disclaimer so I hope I am doing this right.  In this episode the existence of sex and sexuality is acknowledged.  If you are under 18, please ask your parents if you can listen to this episode. If  you are an adult and don’t want to know that these things exist, that there is an industry devoted to it, and people who work in it, I suggest you close this browser window and walk away.

For the rest of you still reading, this episode is a treat, and an unusual one at that.  Donia is a business consultant to sexuality professionals.  Somehow I got it into my head that there are a lot of parallels between the work of a professional henna artist and that of a sexuality professional.  You will have to listen to the episode to see exactly what those parallels are, and I am sure you can think of a lot more than those we talked about.  The episode isn’t all just sexy stuff–it’s not sexy at all–but it’s chock full of great business advice that we can all benefit from, at whatever stage our career are.

Donia was generous enough to share some great links, some of which she talks about on the podcast, and others that she thought would be useful to you all.





Donia offers a free 30 minute consult to any one who fills out the form on her website: http://www.doniachristine.com

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