Episode 19 – Mixmaster Mixtape – Part 2 (Kanchan, Darcy and Hiral)

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I can hear you all out there banging your spoons against your henna bowls in anticipation of the next Mixtape episode.  Clang no more, put those bowls to good use.  This episode will give so many new ideas for mixing henna that you’ll want to run to your kitchen right away.

The first episode ranged across the US, but this one narrows its focus to just the Bay Area.  Even though all my guests are in the same area they each have their own way of dealing with the climate and their own unique recipes.  All three are very active in the bridal scene, offering up some great ideas for making special paste for bridal henna.  We even have a minor controversy brewing over whether there is such a thing as dye release (possibly a subject for a future episode).

Interestingly all three of these women have very no-nonsense approaches to mixing henna.  Maybe there is something about doing bridal henna in an environment with a lot of henna artists  and a lot of gigs that makes a person become more focused on what works and what doesn’t.  It sounds like there really isn’t time to play around with different powders and oils and teas etc. but instead they have all strived to get the very best paste in the easiest and quickest way possible.  That said, they all arrived at their current mix through a lot of experimentation which is the core lesson from all of these interviews.

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One thought on “Episode 19 – Mixmaster Mixtape – Part 2 (Kanchan, Darcy and Hiral)

  1. loved this episode… Darcy’s stories reminded me of a bride I applied henna to. I realized the day was too humid and the henna was not drying up fast and she wanted a lot of henna and it was horrible trying to apply henna on the back of her hands when her plams were still wet…

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